deoderantI just got the best e-mail! Tatiana Burdiak reached out saying, “Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know that my business, The Circular Living Co. chose to donate 5% of our net profits to Farm Discovery this quarter!

Regenerative ag and teaching our community about all of the benefits of a healthy food system is so important to us and we value all of the work Live Earth Farm does for us. Thank you for all you and Tom do!”

What a way to start 2020 off hey? It made me feel honored, cherished and motivated all in a few simple lines. It is so powerful finding alignment. The Circular Living Co. does things with a circular mind+ heart set, coming together and building a coalition to save the ocean, shores, and land of this beautiful planet we all call home. From small changes like drinking coffee in a reusable cup, choosing package free when possible, and puttin’ on some deodorant, we see how closely connected the things we do everyday impact our health and the world around us.They celebrate going slow, being kind, and supporting one another. They believe in progress not perfection, because every little positive change we all make adds up to a tangible difference. 

They aren’t funkin’ around! Their commitment is to provide you with products that are ecologically and socially responsible. They’re stoked to have you join in on this journey, where together we can further advocate for a plastic-free and non-toxic world. Keep it simple, non-judgmental, and get the funk out!

Farm Discovery is so honored to be the beneficiary of The Circular Living Co.’s Funk Free Funds.

“We believe in giving back and supporting non-profit organizations that are driving positive social and environmental change in the world. We donate 5% of our quarterly profits to non-profits that are in alignment with our values. Right now, with your support, we’re donating to this super stellar org!”

So, now in this first quarter of 2020 Farm Discovery is all in to support this company in getting their deserving product out into this community. We hope to see The Circular Living Co. products at our Sheep to Shawl Fair, on shelves all over the bay and maybe even in Live Earth Farm CSA shares so stay tuned and go ahead a try them out.