Home School Program* This program had been suspended as we focus on our COVID relief programs including Summer Farm Camp/Care, and Produce Distribution. Families are still welcome on the farm by booking Farm Walks (Tue, Sat, Sun). Follow us on Instagram @farmdiscovery for regular program updates and see what we’re doing week-to-week. 

Once a month (first Friday November – May, excluding January) Farm Discovery hosts a group of curious homeschoolers and their equally curious parents.

Most often we begin with a visit to the chickens, where scrambling to hold hens makes for an amusing romp. After eggs have been collected and tasty morsels distributed, the group moves on to one of many possible activities. These might include milking the goats and harvesting lemons followed by a trip to the kitchen to make a quick version of goat cheese. Another day we might gingerly pluck copious quantities of snails from citrus trees, get a lesson in tree grafting from Farmer Tom, or plant seedlings who will make their start in the greenhouse. A drizzly outing could include a hike around the farm to observe the changes brought by winter, followed by a visit to our cow “Bella”.

Home School ProgramNo visit for our group would be complete without some time shared with Live Earth Farm’s beloved goat clan. Whether they are birthing, nursing or simply frolicking, our children love to observe the goat’s delightful antics. Each month, you are sure to leave dirtier, happier, and more informed about where our food comes from and how it is grown.

If you are a homeschooling family and would be interested in joining our Home School program, please contact Stephanie at education@farmdiscovery.org or (831) 728-2032.

Make your $25 deposit for this year’s sessions today!