We of the LEF Discovery Program have been busy in the fields and off site this fall.  We are in the heart of our fall tour season, and have about two tours a week with schools mostly from Watsonville.  We are hosting a lot of third graders this year, which is new.  We are glad our Applemania tour is so appealing to their teachers.  Grace is doing a great job with these visits and managing a lot more.

We are building a new group of homeschool families, who will visit the farm every fourth Wednesday of the month.  On October 24th we will pick and press apples and work in the Discovery Garden and fields weeding, harvesting and prepping beds for winter crops.  Please get in touch if you are interested in joining this program.

Last week we hosted fun educational tables at three events: The Independent Marketplace, The Staff of Life Harvest Festival, and The Santa Cruz Montessori Ice Cream Social.  We decorated a lot of pumpkins, pressed gallons of juice, and connected with many families new and known.

This weekend we are looking forward to the Harvest Celebration, where we will be launching our new Discovery Program Newsletter (you can sign up to receive it on our new website in the bottom left corner of every page).  We will also be painting faces and pumpkins, bobbing for and pressing apples, sharing a potluck and bonfire, and sipping Uncommon Brewers seasonal Casserly Pale Ale.  Also on “tap” join us next Thank you Thursday October 25th at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing where a $1 of every pint sold all day long will benefit LEFDP!  Tom and the LEF crew will be there in the evening to enjoy each other’s and hopefully YOUR company!

Jessica Ridgeway, Director – LEFDPDirector@gmail.com or
Grace Chollar-Webb, Program Coordinator – LEFDPeducation@gmail.com
Live Earth Farm Discovery Program
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Childrens' painted pumpkins