I really love this idea from the random acts of kindness foundation website. ⠀

My house is in the woods, with a lonnnnnnng, steep driveway. The three residences on this driveway all make a bit of garbage and even more recycling, so we all have at least 2 bins to haul up and down each week. Sometimes, I find myself with a free hand, and bring up an extra. Sometimes, I get home to mine already back. It feels awesome both directions. Just like in the photo, kids can help too, especially once the bins are empty and much lighter. Make a neighbor smile this week. Please wash your hands before and after to keep them healthy too.⠀

This website is pretty darn cool too and even features some Social Emotional Learning curriculum, so check ’em out now that a lot of us find ourselves being teachers and teachers helpers.⠀

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