Please use the form below to register for Farm Camp and prepay using PayPal at the bottom of the page.

*Please note that in order to complete your registration process you must pay for the first 4 weeks of camp by PayPal, check or Money Order. We look forward to having your child or teen at fall farm care!*

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Solicitud de Beca para Campamento de Granja
Sponsor Farm Camp Scholarships

DEPOSIT-Farm Camp - 4 weeks

$7509am-3pm, M-F

DEPOSIT-Farm Camp - 2 weeks

$3759am-3pm, M-F

EARLY BIRD-Farm Camp - 4 weeks

$13509am-3pm, M-F

EARLY BIRD-Farm Camp - 2 weeks

$6759am-3pm, M-F

EARLY BIRD-LIT - 4 weeks

$13509am-4pm, M-F

If you need to make a payment of another amount, please send a check or call our office.
*please note: only one 10% discount may be applied per camp to regular prices