Farm Immersions are 2-3 overnight stays on the farm available in the spring and fall.

Students who attend this two night, three day farm experience will come away with a new respect for the land and those who farm it, a deeper connection to food, and a better understanding of their role in the local and global food system.
Students will learn about all the steps necessary to bring fresh produce to market. They will sow seeds, plant crops, cultivate fields and garden beds, harvest their own lunch, and tend some of the farm animals.
Sample topics of discussion:
The Local Food System
Food Choices, Nutrition, and the Consumers Role
The Farm as Community
The Farm as Environment/Nature
How does the Farmer Care for the Land and Soil?
How does the Farmer Care for the Workers?
How does the Farmer Care for the Animals?
What does Sustainable Mean? Organic? Natural?
Please inquire with Stephanie, our Assistant Education Director at or call 831-728-2032.