9edcfbfa0f_1367614991_summersolsticecelebration2Dear Live Earth Farm Discovery Program Community,

Joaquin visited Live Earth Farm with his 5th grade class. Even though Joaquin’s school is surrounded by farmland, more than half his classmates had never visited a farm. His school’s field trip budget is $0. Thanks to the funds raised by LEFDP, Joaquin had the chance to pick and eat an apple from a hundred year old tree. He played our healthy foods relay and helped us grow food in the Discovery Garden.

On June 22nd, 2013 Live Earth Farm will host an event for the Pajaro Valley community, for Joaquin and his family. In 2012 LEFDP helped improve family nutrition for over 1500 students of all ages by teaching how to grow a healthy plant-based diet during our field trips and community events like this one.

By sponsoring this event you can help provide local food, nutrition and environmental education lessons to the whole community. Please choose a sponsorship level using the Donate button on our website: http://www.liveearthfarm.net/solstice-sponsorship/

All year we have been inviting all of our students to return to the farm with their families for free on June 22nd. Everyone is welcome to pick and eat warm strawberries in the field, learn sustainable farming and gardening practices through hands-on activities in our Discovery Garden, taste healthy snacks made by local food artisans, and build community around fresh food.  You can become a sponsor of this valuable event, promoting agriculture in the Pajaro Valley.

With Gratitude,

Jessica Ridgeway

Director and Cofounder

Live Earth Farm Discovery Program