Elisa has become a close personal friend since our daughters met in kindergarten and became fast and forever friends. We rehabbed and worked with the kids in Mountain School’s Gardens together. Elisa has a huge heart and gives time and passion to projects that are meaningful to her.

Elisa has chaired our auction for 5 years. As an auction volunteer at our kids’ school, she came in with great organizational skills and strategy. She saw us through the transition from paper to software when social distancing was a must. She leads the auction on the night of the event with skill.

As a longtime Volunteer for Farm Discovery, she is one of our hero’s and our second feature in our Supporter’s Spotlight.

“I first got involved with Farm Discovery because I was looking for farm-related activities for my small children and discovered the “Wee Ones” program.  I loved bringing my toddlers out to experience and discover the Farm–they loved it and so did I!  Then later I met the wonderful human who started Farm Discovery and I was sold!

I stay involved because nothing matters more than connecting people to the land that sustains us all. If we learn about and become connected to our natural systems we can realize how much taking care of the Earth matters.

To me, the most meaningful part of FD is its mission to empower youth to gain knowledge and skills related to farming and our food system. I come from a long line of farmers and have felt disheartened at our modern culture’s disconnect to growing food. Learning about growing food and feeling connected to the process can lead to caring more about the land and making better choices. Farm Discovery’s work creates better stewards of our land, air and water. As we learn more concretely every year, what could be more important than that?

I love FD’s summer camps. Not only do the kids get to learn all the amazing things FD has to teach, they get to run around in fresh air, make new friends, and be farmers, artists and chefs!”