Josh Rodriguez is a member of Farm Discovery’s Board of Directors and active community member. We are so grateful for Josh’s involvement in Farm Discovery’s mission!

How did you get involved?

I do my best to share the work FD is doing both in person and on social media. I volunteer for events and also communicate with FD leaders and board members as much as possible.

Why do you stay involved?

Being that I was raised in the area, and my professional work as a Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator for a local hospital, I have seen first hand the power of food and what it can do for the community. The ability for family members to learn more about food, farming, nature and community is remarkable.

What part of FD’s mission is most meaningful to you?

Providing education on both a personal and community health level

What is your favorite FD program and why?

Farm walks! The chance for families to do a self guided tour and explore the farm is fantastic.