9.3This week we are wishing the best to Grace as she moves on. Grace is from the area, so we won’t lose her entirely. Grace has spent a little over a year and a half pouring her heart into running all of the education programs at Live Earth Farm, which means almost all of you have had a chance to enjoy her spark.

IMG_7992We were lucky to find Grace right out of UCSC, and she hit the ground running just after her graduation ceremony. She is a natural with kids. She believes in our work, and she worked her but off to make it all happen more and more independently as time went on. Grace has a talent for curriculum development and did a great job of taking time to make each program she was involved in great and educational.

DSC_0205We would like to thank Grace for doing such a great job as Education Coordinator for us, and wish her the best in her year of fun ahead.

We welcome Peter Nelson to the position of Education Coordinator and look forward to choosing our new Program Assistant to start in February from the great applications we have received.