Potatoes, snap peas and strawberries, oh my! 

Things are picking up in the fields as we prepare for the summer, and boy are we excited. Right now our snap peas and strawberries are stealing the show and we are eagerly awaiting the moment we get to dig into the ground and reveal all the potatoes we’ve been cultivating.  

Soon, summer will bring our summer squash to fruition, which we hope to turn into zoodles and zucchini bread. We can also look forward to tomatoes for snacking and making salsa, and cucumbers for a refreshing snack in the field or preserving with pickling!

Another project we have been excitedly working on is getting our Discovery Garden up and running. Between help from our wonderful volunteers and the Field Studies group at Wavecrest Montessori, we now have some awesome spaces in the garden including a culinary herb section, tea garden, native perennials, and a few annual garden beds.

With so much to look forward to here at our educational fields & gardens, we hope we can share the bounty with you. Maybe we will see you this summer at camp, or afterwards during volunteer hours, or for a farm walk on the weekend. Whatever the occasion may be, we look forward to seeing you out in the field!