kids seeding

“Having this all be a new experience for me, I have seen differences between the programs during Spring, Summer and Fall but I have also seen some similarities. Starting in Spring was an adventure, having little experience with kids and the variety of age groups, but I managed to get a hang of it. During the spring, I learned so much about the farm and by the beginning of summer, I was ready and excited for our summer programs. It was an amazing experience to watch the kids on the farm light up when they harvested out of the Discovery Garden. Now, let’s talk about Fall programs, also known as  ‘APPLEMAINIA’!!! So far, ‘applemania’ is my favorite, and the kids that visit the farm agree. I have never tried fresh apple cider until now, and let me tell you, it is the best apple cider (in my opinion). Seeing the kids enjoy the apple press and the whole farm tour makes me feel accomplished. Through all our programs, in all seasons, the kids enjoy hands-on experiences at the farm, whether it is from harvesting or farming, or frolicking among the apple trees.” 

~ Farm Discovery Educator