My name is Julian Ensworth and I am the new intern for Live Earth Farm’s Discovery Program. I was born and currently live in San Diego, CA. My family has always been very active in the great outdoors. As a baby my parents carried me through hikes in Big Sur. When I got a little bit older my family moved to a house on a canyon, surrounded in wildlife and natural beauty. I spent my entire childhood exploring the canyon in my backyard. My fondest memories are climbing through bushes and trees.

Sadly, I’ve found that as I have grown up I have lost my unity with nature. This has really led me to realize that I am happiest when outside, working with my hands to build something. This is why I have chosen to intern on a farm. I believe the best lessons in life can be learned from doing.

I appreciate the ways of the farmer. In this modern day society, I believe the majority of people have lost touch with where food actually comes from. I understand the work of a farmer is tough and demanding, but I am eager to accept this challenge. I want to go to bed knowing the work I have done is honest and important. I respect farmers for their hardships and perseverance.

I know I will feel accomplished if I partake in this work. I am easy to get along with and efficiently follow through on commands. I know the importance of working hard. I am also extremely anxious to learn farming methods to bring home and implement in my own house. I believe that an internship on a farm will be an overall holistic experience in which I will gain knowledge unattainable in a classroom.