We had our first home school group of the school year last month.  We were blown away by how many people want to be a part of our group!  As of now, we have 32 families signed up for our September-December monthly meetings!


This year, we have decided to shape each meeting around a specific subject (we did something along the lines of this partway through last year).  September’s subject was apples. 9.2

We toured the farm, took a walk through the apple espaliers, picked apples to munch on as we learned about the history of the farm and the apples in the local valley. We talked about the locally famous Newton Pippin apple, and how planting Newton Pippin trees brought about start of the Martinelli Company in the 1860’s.


  Before the end of the day, we got to make some apple cider of our own! October’s theme will be nutrition based, and we’re keeping the rest of the year a secret!