montThe Farmer

work all day
we plow the fields
mow the crops
sleep all night

work all day
we feed the cows
clean the stalls
sleep all night

the farmer
the farmer is strong
the farmer is healthy
the farmer is us

~Nate Saxton


Grilled-cheese mayhem.
As I bite into the crunchy texture
of the grilled-cheese sandwich
the soft greasy melted cheese dissolves into the taste buds
An immense pleasure rises in my mouth
a sensation of joy overcomes me
Nothing has ever tasted to good
after a long day of knitting.

Apple delight.
After the cheesy goodness, nothing was better than
sugar-coated cinnamon sparkle golden apples
the abundant variety of flavors was like an amusement park
full of exciting things
fun places and intriguing spots.

~ Kevin Haaland

mont2A Lasting Moment

The leaves rustle softly in the breeze
the sun warm on my back
The air around me, the perfect temperature.
There are no clouds in the soft robin’s-egg-blue sky.
The wind carries the cheerful sound
Of the chirp and chatter of the birds
Everything is quiet.
I could sit here forever.

~Lilly Richards