“One, two, three, eyes on me!” a common, but not too common refrain during the wild farm rumpus that was Art on the Farm Camp. On Friday we finished an amazing week of camp with 17 wonderful 6-12 year olds and 4 teen Leaders in Training. When the parents joined us on the farm on Friday afternoon we had lavender cookies, herb goat cheese, strawberry ice cream and blackberry sorbet all hand made by campers to share in thanks for a fabulously fun week. We sat in a circle with the campers on the inside and the parents surrounding them to share our favorite projects of the week and bask in the glory of completion. Vinegar pickles we made on the very first day were the overall favorite project of the week. The enthusiasm for this first project is probably due to the excitement of tasting hand harvested, cut, flavored and pickled creations. The unique labels they designed to mark their jars looked really great too!

Another favorite project was the Plaster of Paris masks we made Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. This project, which requires patience and lying still, falls at the perfect moment when the campers young bodies are well worn out from the first two and half days of planting, harvesting, making art and playing in the sun. They could not have spent another afternoon planting corn, beans, and squash with Farmer Tom, if the looks on their faces Tuesday afternoon were any indication. The campers were delightedly tired after planting one whole “3 Sisters” bed just below the education barn in fields that last year held tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. I hope they come back to visit the glory of this field in the fall, so they can appreciate the abundance that their cooperative work will yield. We will definitely save some popcorn for next year’s campers to enjoy!

We are running one more session of camp this summer July 16-20. Some of our June campers are coming back for more fun and new projects. A great portion of this year’s campers knew well the farm fields and friends they made at last year’s camp. We are so pleased to be creating a tradition of work and play in fields and kitchen, bringing our campers a greater understanding of how to bring food from seed to table through loving effort. There is still space in the July session, so don’t hesitate to claim a space in this wonderful program. (If you need financial assistance, some is available. Please contact Grace, our new Education Program Coordinator, at lefeducation@baymoon.com).

And as I wrap this up, I will tantalize you with what is coming in the next newsletter… we will introduce you to Grace, a lovely, local lady who has graced us with her presence to run the many programs that make LEFDP great! We will also share more information about “Dig!” – our 4th annual farm fresh food in the fields fundraising event for LEFDP on September 22nd. Stay tuned!

– Jessica Ridgeway, Director, Live Earth Farm Discovery Program

You can find more information about all of LEFDP’s programs at www.liveearthfarm.net/ or on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/LEFDP