Organize a reunion.

I personally am not the best at staying in touch. I have moved many times and every time I felt like I let a few good friends go, as new ones filled up my life. This has happened again and again and yet, I find that those friends, from every stop on my journey fill my heart.

I am not great about finding the time to stay in touch, but I think about them, remember them, and sometimes even dream about them. I think that is why I feel like I could really pick up the phone ANYTIME and it would feel like no time had passed.

I tested this theory about a decade ago, when I moved down the street from my kindergarten best friend without even knowing it. It was a different coast and at least 10 years had passed since we had talked, 20 since we had lived in the same town. We got together and it felt so warm and fuzzy, comfortable like a favorite old sweater. She doesn’t even smell like mothballs.

Now, this weekend another old friend, from another town and another time is organizing a reunion zoom. A few texts and we had everyone on one thread and all their contacts in my phone. I can’t wait to put on 10 old sweaters, catch up, laugh, remember and reignite those friendships that are so meaningful.

If you feel inspired, give it a try. Maybe you aren’t the one that has everybody’s numbers. Maybe you aren’t connected on facebook, but I bet if you can track down even one friend, they can help you connect to others. No one has much on their calendars, so go ahead and fill them up with reunions!