The morning of our 4th annual Sheep to Shawl dawned warm and sunny.  The lower barn and surrounding area was prepped for throngs of people hoping to glimpse the sheep shearing, make some cool crafts and eat some delicious food!

For the first time this year, we invited local artisan food vendors to the event. Companion Bakeshop, Penny Ice Creamery, and Storrs Winery set up in the field surrounding the sheep pen, intermingled with craft booths and vendors selling jewelry, wool, and clothing.

The sheep were sheared in the packing area with the spinning and weaving booths and  our farm stand featuring Garden Variety Cheeses.

Children swarmed the craft booths, washing, dying, felting, knitting, and carding the wool from the sheep being sheared across the way. Parents sipped wine, and observed the talented crafters, admiring farm themed bottle cap earrings and other goods for sale.

The aroma of chili and cornbread from Happy Girl Kitchen mixed with the intoxicating scent of strawberry cinnamon sparkling juice and lemon poppyseed ice cream from 3 of a Kind and Penny Ice Creamery.

The importance of community and art became apparent as new and old friends alike shared stories and laughs in the grass, as children ran through the fava bean fields with the dogs playing tag and as beautiful creations came out of the felting, and dyeing stations.

All in all, we had over 200 visitors and the Discovery Program made over $1500 dollars at the event to support our education programs for underserved members of our community! Thank you for all who participated!