Hello Live Earth Farm CSA members. For those of you new to the CSA, welcome and to our longstanding members we are ever grateful for your commitment to local, organic food straight from your farm. My name is Jessica and I am the Executive Director of Farm Discovery at Live Earth. Based right in the fields of Live Earth Farm, Farm Discovery works to empower youth and families to build and sustain, or regenerate, health in food, farming, nature and community. We do so through many different programs in the fields, animal pens, our Discovery Garden and the Kitchen Classroom.

On field trips we explore science concepts like adaptation to environment and variations in adaptation between species in our chicken coop and goat pen. During Farm Immersions we dig deep into the soil and our own physical and emotional reservoirs to get big projects done like harvesting field of wheat or potatoes, building stamina, learning resilience and doing the work of growing food in community. In our Farm Camps we make art and food, hike Live Earth Farm’s 150 acres and from those hikes return to our kitchen classroom with enough zucchinis to make zucchini bread.

In this quarantine year we are adapting, and we are very sad to miss out on our first Fall Feast in 11 years. This summer we offered Farm Care for 24 kids, who had been very isolated this spring. Their parents, working in essential services, were so grateful for their kids to have a low risk, outdoor, active and caring environment in which to be with other children. Ruben’s mom Jackie said, “We are so grateful for the amazing staff of Farm Discovery for your amazing work teaching kids to find a love for healthy eating. I have no doubt that Ruben will have a love for farm life for the rest of his life!”

We are about to announce Fall Farm Care to support 24 families through distance learning. We know parents need to work, we know kids need each other, so we will host two stable groups or learning pods for the fall. Children will be outside, we will support them in their distance learning and we will safely follow COVID safety recommendations. Outside of their school commitments, kids will love our STEAM activities in a farm setting. They will love our pygmy goats, collecting eggs from our laying hens, picking strawberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins.

Because Live Earth Farm’s CSA members are such an important part of the Live Earth and Farm Discovery community we are pleased to extend 2 days of priority registration to CSA members. Beginning today at noon you can register at: farmdiscovery.org/farm-camp-registration-payment-covid/