“I love organic farms. Organic farms are all natural, healthy, and fun to work on. This place is so cool.” –Annabella, student during a Farm Immersion.

Our farm immersions give students the opportunity to deepen their connection with nature. Students harvest the freshest fruits and vegetables, prepare meals alongside the adults, hike to different parts of the farm, and experience the stillness of the land as the first and last folks on the farm each morning and night.

One student said, “I’ll never be able to eat the strawberries we get from Costco after eating these.” We delight when students see how delicious seasonal food is at its peak, like strawberries right now. We hope this deep engagement with whatever is happening on the farm in the moments they are here will lead to life long exploration and connection to the seasons. We are lucky to live in a state where almost everyone can connect to the seasonality of local food through CSA programs and farmers markets when they return home.

Most importantly we hope that students leave Farm Discovery Farm Immersions with a sense of belonging and appreciation for the food they eat and the land it comes from.