Last week during Sprouts Camp, we decided to try out a project that was a little different than our usual arts and crafts.

Earlier in the year, Food What?! made salve from herbs collected around the farm. We decided that this would be a great project for the little ones and their parents.

We made four different types of salve–rosemary and calendula, lavender and yarrow, rose and chamomile and mint and comfrey (though after researching the benefits of the herbs we used, I discovered that comfrey can be harmful if ingested so this week we are substituting plantain for comfrey).

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The salves are smooth and buttery and great for things like bug bites, poison oak, burns and chapped lips.  It’s super easy to make and makes an awesome gift!

The recipe below is for one batch of salve (remember we made 4 different types) which will make about 8 oz.  We used 1 oz jars found at at New Leaf and Way of Life.

Live Earth Farm Salve and Lip Balm

1 cup of each herb you would like to use (2 cups total)

1/2 cup of olive oil

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/4 cup of shaved beeswax

A couple of drops of essential oil of your choice

Double boiler


In a double boiler (or a Kerr jar over boiling water in a canning pot) heat the olive oil and coconut oil and herbs for one hour (do NOT boil the oil).  Carefully remove from heat and filter out herbs from oil using a sieve and cheesecloth.  Discard herbs and return oil to double boiler or jar and add beeswax.  Heat oil and beeswax and stir until mixed completely.  Pour into salve jars and let cool.