SFD_2013 3 up 2013_PersonalIn Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, he entreats us to, “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  These instructions are so simple, even a 3rd grader can apply them to their own eating habits.  In the fields of Live Earth Farm 3rd grader Olivia learned to plant, harvest and build a well proportioned plate of real, mostly plant based food.

Problems like childhood obesity and diabetes are most prevalent in our local, underserved schools.  This is why the Live Earth Farm Discovery Program aims to raise $5,000 this spring, which will provide financial aid for at least 10 students to attend farm camp – children like 3rd grader Olivia – in 2013.

In 2012, LEFDP welcomed over 1,500 children to Live Earth Farm. About 30% overall, but only about 5% of our summer campers came from local, underserved schools.  We aim to increase the number of low-income students we will reach out to and serve in the coming year.

To help sponsor summer camp for students like Olivia, please make the greatest donation you can to the Live Earth Farm Discovery Program financial aid fund this spring.  Please make a secure donation online using the Donate button on our website: http://www.liveearthfarm.net/discovery-program/support-us/

SONY DSCOn her Live Earth Farm Discovery Program visit, Olivia and her classmates tasted and cultivated real food, outside, with their own hands.  This is one great way to teach kids to like vegetables.  Help us reach 10 more underserved students at camp this year, and help them develop healthier habits and healthier lifestyles through good food and outdoor play.  Together we can make a difference for underserved young people living in Watsonville.