IMG_3339Winter Work
As Wavecrest’s winter rotation comes to a close, we are excited to announce that their winter project is almost complete! This Field Studies group decided to build a herb spiral on their school campus for their end of rotation project.

They used their communication skills and great teamwork to calculate the amount of bricks and soil needed for the spiral and chose the herbs and flowers for the garden based on water needs and medicinal characteristics.  I can’t wait to see what it will look like when all of the plants are in place!

As the other half of their project, the Field Studies students are teaching lessons on water conservation and medicinal herbs to the students in the lower elementary.

IMG_3334One of the days the students were working on their herb spiral, Jessica came by to teach them how to prune their fruit trees.  Current helped too!

IMG_3089We also had a very special group out to the farm in January–a college group from Williams College in Massachusetts!  Professor Hank Art brought seven students out to the farm for a week as part of their winter field quarter.  This was an amazing group full of passionate, energetic young people.  They helped us prune quince trees, cover the strawberry patch with plastic, aerate and weed the garden beds, trim goat hooves, and harvest and pack for the CSA boxes.  They made some amazing meals and we had some great conversations before they headed down to the EcoFarm conference where we met up again!