plantingOur spring tour season is coming to an end this week. We had the privilege of serving over 25 different groups, classes, and schools. Some students visited for a few hours and others stayed for a few days. We never know what kind of long term or life changing impact the farm visit will have on visitors, but we know they all had fun and learned something about where their food comes from and how their food choices impact their personal, community, and environmental health.

farm hike

farm hike 2

We hosted over 150 students from H.A. Hyde and Calabasas Elementary Schools this spring. 20150522_121854These Pajaro Valley kids were able to explore the farm because of the generous donations of our supporters. Thank you for making it possible to for them to hold a chicken for the first time, pull a carrot out of the ground, and eat fresh picked peas from the garden. These experiences connect them in a real way to the soil and to their food. Their wide eyes and big smiles show us that they will have fond memories of the day they visited Live Earth Farm.