We know first-hand how difficult online schooling has been for students and the strain it puts on families, especially acute for working parents. That’s one reason we have been so happy  to offer distance learning support and farm care while schools remain closed to in person instruction. Students spend their morning in the education barn getting assistance with distance learning from our staff and the afternoons are spent doing farm activities, nature crafting, hiking and more! 

A silver lining from this crisis for our staff has been the opportunity to have many of the same students on the farm for several months. We’ve gotten a chance to see them expand their knowledge of earth science, get increasingly creative with crafting and grow their relationships with the land and each other. Just last week we had a winter harvest of beets and broccoli planted in the fall!

We are excited to announce that we have limited spots open for this spring! Sessions are four weeks long and run MWF 8:45am-4:00pm. For more information click here. To discuss your child’s specific program and learning objectives, email Lucie at education@farmdiscovery.org

This program has been critical to many families and with community support,  an average of 45% have been scholarship recipients.