photo 2 (1) Happy Fall! This past weekend we celebrated the autumn equinox, which is derived from “equal night” meaning that we experience about the same amount of daylight and night time during the spring and autumn equinox, but in the spring the days get longer and in fall the days get shorter.  Fall is my absolute favorite season; the scarves, the changing colors, the pumpkin spiced lattes…  Add to that the fact that fall begins our second tour season of the year and you have a winning combination!

We have tours scheduled for every single Monday and Friday in the second half of September and the entire month of October!  That’s fourteen tours in six weeks! And that doesn’t even include the weekly Wavecrest visits, the monthly homeschool meetings or the Wee Ones and Small Farmers drop in programs!

photo 1Needless to say we are very excited about fall!  Some of the fun things that we have been/will be doing with our tours are: apple pressing, nutritional relay races, visiting the goats and chickens, scavenger hunts and learning about the history of the apple, the farm and the local valley!

I can’t wait to reap the rewards of good food and good fun on the farm this fall!