This Winter the Wavecrest Jr. High students are finishing up their science projects related to the theme of WATER! Thank goodness for the rain we are getting!

One of the projects was to design a native plant/drought tolerant landscape. Now that we are getting some rain it is time to put those natives in so they can benefit from the natural water. If done at the right time you only need minimal spring and summer watering of natives in order for them to become established. Once established they won’t need ANY supplemental water in the second year and that is the whole point!



Another project was comparing the qualities of two ponds here on the farm. Students used a water testing kit and collected data about nitrates, pH, turbidity, and the presence of invertebrates. I can’t wait to see the results and see how the two ponds differ.

What a great group of students we had for this rotation!

Next up –Spring!