We are so glad you decided to visit us and delighted to be able to share the wonders of the farm with you. While the property is a shared space, it is also privately owned by Farmer Tom Broz and his family. Before you head out on your adventure, please take a look at the following Farm Walk Guidelines:

Have Everything You Need?

  • Water bottle (you can fill up anywhere you see a water faucet)
  • Sun protection (hat, glasses, sunscreen)
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing
  • Baby carrier/stroller if needed

For Your Safety and the Safety of Others Please:

  • Wash hands and utilize hand sanitizer, especially before and after petting animals
  • Utilize the outdoor spaces, but please do not enter any buildings and do not walk all the way down to the “Lower Farm”
  • Please don’t use the play structure. This is to minimize transmission of potential illness.
  • At this time we can not allow people to pick produce, but please enjoy the fresh treats provided upon arrival
  • Only feed animals if there are clearly labeled “Treats” by their home and please do not go into their stalls/pens
  • Use caution when petting the animals. They are friendly but can sometimes move unexpectedly (be especially careful reaching hands through the fence with the large animals up by the Swales)
  • If you need to use the restroom, there is one outside of the Main Barn across from the chicks, labeled “Restroom”
  • Leave pets at home

Read through everything? Then you’re good to go! We will have a copy of these guidelines and a map which we will give you at the introduction to help navigate your tour. Make sure to read and follow all signage along the way. 

Enjoy Your Farm Walk & Take Care,

Farm Discovery Team