During one of the farm tours at the Solstice Celebration a boy, his mouth stained with blackberries, tugged on my arm to show me his harvest: a cupped hand filled with shiny black juicy berries. When I asked him if I could try one, he held out his hand out and said, “Farmer Tom, I wish I could stay and live here.” Hearing that, at that moment, felt so reassuring. It speaks to why we farm: to give people, especially children, a direct experience with the source of their food – i.e. that experience of being able to feel the soil with their own hands, harvest and taste the bounty of the land directly where it’s growing, and to learn how food can be beautiful, tasty, and nourishing. For the last four years, LEF’s Discovery Program has transformed the farm into a unique education and community resource, offering programs and events to over a thousand children every year so that they can experience this direct connection with the farm, engaging in the many nourishing food cycles unfolding throughout the seasons. With the start of the summer season, last week the Discovery Program hosted the first of several camps; the laughter and presence of children on the farm was a joyful distraction amidst our busy farm schedules.

Now I know you’re thinking, “this is great – how can I help see that this sort of on-farm education continues?” Well, one ‘delicious’ way to do so is to come to the Discovery Program’s Annual Fundraiser Dinner on September 22nd. We invite you to join us for this not-to-be-missed, in-the-field Culinary Extravaganza. Not only will it be an opportunity to experience the farm at it’s full-on-Summer-Bounty finest, but also the money raised will directly support programs that bring children to the farm; an unforgettable celebration for the senses that also benefits the Discovery Program’s education and community efforts. Hope you all can join us!