“As the Autumn wind blows… wait a minute Autumn? Wow we are in our Fall season! Already time has flown by, it feels like I time traveled. So much has happened since Spring from school immersions, summer camp and all the way to ‘Applemania’. We went from lettuce harvest all the way to people picking pumpkins, April showers to rain in September, which I can’t remember the last time there was rain in September. With the help and support of the community, sponsors, and especially the young farmers that have come and gone through our yearly programs, we have contributed to the production and donation of 5,057.85 pounds of produce as of October 18, 2022!” ~ Ulises, Field Manager 

You take my food and compete with me for light
You spread through roots, you spread though seed
You’re a plant that I don’t want, let alone need
You grow Spring, Winter all season round and that’s not good
You may be green but I can’t eat you because your not food
Our in my field here, there, every where on all sides
You’re a perfect place for bad insects to hide
You can handle drought, rain or shine I admire your will
Getting rid of you is a hefty bill
You can survive pinches pulls and cuts
You have the ability to drive a farmer nuts.
-Ulises, Field Manager