Winter with Wishing Well Preschool
photo-8On Saturday the 2nd I had the great pleasure of touring the farm with Wishing Well preschool. It was a grey morning on the farm and the theme of the visit was winter. This group of families are visiting us four times this school year, one for each season. Our simple plan is to share the same farm spaces with the children so they may experience the changes the seasons bring to our farm.

It was a pretty dry photo-2visit for winter, and many of the changes are very subtle.  So we taste, touch and smell our way around the farm hoping the children will absorb these subtleties into their very being. Some day when they have erosion as a vocabulary word in 6th grade science, they will have an inherent sense of what erosion is and maybe even remember our swaled hill, where perennial trees and shrubs hold that soil in place, drink the water that is an asset rather than destroyer, and produce those Meyer lemons that smell so good and shine so yellow on a grey day in Februaryphoto-4.