We have had a packed May at Farm Discovery. We have had three spring farm immersions with Waldorf schools in the area, and one High School Service trip.

These third graders come to stay and work on the farm for 3 days, and 2 nights. We had these students help setting up irrigation, mulching, harvesting, cooking, weeding, feeding (and playing) with the animals, and so much more!

The immersions are a profound experience for these students; children get to experience organic fields and swales as their classrooms for the week. In the reflection circle at the end of the trip we love hearing what the students have to share. Camillo an 8 year old from Monterey Bay Charter School said, “I loved everything about the farm and I wouldn’t change anything”. When asked what their least favorite part was, often times students have a hard time coming up with something concrete, aside from weather and not enough time with the baby chicks.

We will be continuing our immersion program in the fall, when Montessori middle school students will come out and enjoy the work and space of Live Earth Farm before they begin another school year.

Space is limited, so book your class immersion now!