Beekeeping Workshop & Organic Farm Tour July 7th

Saturday, July 7th 10am-12:30PM Join us at Farm Discovery for a Family-friendly introductory lesson on beekeeping, for people with little to no knowledge of bees, after a leisurely tour of Farm Discovery's land, with fresh coffee and pastries from Companion Bakeshop and a visit with our goats and baby chicks. Emily Bondor of Santa Cruz

Summer Solstice Farm Discovery Style

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Happy Solstice, Midsummer, Kupala, Ukon juhla! How will you be celebrating the longest day of the year? At Farm Discovery we are weaving flowers, building a bonfire (or a small wildfire safe campfire) and making cob oven pizzas at our campout, and curling up in farm crates when we need a break (because didn't your