Pssst. . .

Farm Discovery is this quarter’s recipient of Whole Foods Market “Nickels for Non-Profits” program at the Santa Cruz and Capitola stores. These programs can add up to thousands of dollars for our important program, so if you were ever going to shop at Whole Foods, now is the time! Bring your bag and donate that nickel!

When customers bring in their reusable bags for groceries, they have the option of receiving a five-cent credit (per bag) or donating five cents to a selected charity. Farm Discovery was accepted as the recipient for the second quarter. So now through July 2nd your nickels can support empowering youth and families to build and sustain healthy food, farming, social and natural systems.

Help Farm Discovery develop environmental literacy, teach farming skills, transform food habits to support personal, community and environmental health and build relationships with food that is healthy for people, the environment and the economy.