So, I have been using benefit mobile for about a year and am loving the little kick I get donating to Farm Discovery with my regular purchases. It somehow feels like I am gaming the system. You put the app on your phone and you can buy an e-gift card at the register on your phone for the exact amount you are about to spend. They scan it like a price tag and benefit donates to Farm Discovery.
I literally wait until they tell me my total, type it into the app and spend it right then and there.
In September, in addition to the regular 1-3% they donate they will donate another $50 for every $5000 spent. That is a lot of trips to:
for me, but if we all shop together we can get this done!
If you really get into gaming the system you can shop
for Farm Discovery, then pay with the Benefit app and double down on the money raised. I love that one.