We have been enjoying lots of rain and wet weather on the farm this winter. Although the weather hasn’t been ideal to work in(saturated soil should be left alone!), we have been focusing on building projects and prepping for our upcoming season. We are so grateful to have been joined by a group of agricultural students from Williams College. This college makes a pilgrimage from the east coast to California for weeks of working and learning on farms on the coast.

The students brought so much enthusiasm and positivity it was so fun to work alongside them. They helped us muck our goats and brood coop, clear off old apples, maintain strawberry fields, flipping compost, and prune trees! It’s always wonderful to be joined on the farm in the middle of winter and we are so happy to have accomplished so much!

We offer all sorts of farm immersions, if you are interested, contact Hayley at education@farmdiscovery.org. Meanwhile, we’re dreaming of sunshine and tomatoes, but enjoying the last bit of cold while we have it!