• FD at UCSC

Brain Juice & Crafting with Farm Discovery at UCSC

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On December 3rd Farm Discovery Staff will be hanging out in the Quarry Plaza at UCSC. Why Tuesday, December 3rd? Because it is #GivingTuesday and Farm Discovery wants to get in on the giving. Farm Discovery will be giving out apple cider, a little kick of vitamin rich brain juice to get UCSC students through

  • FD at UCSC

Farm Discovery at UCSC

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December 3 Hello Banana Slugs! We are coming to you on the international day of giving, #GivingTuesday to share some tasty treats and a gift making project to enjoy before finals week. #givingtuesday #santacruzgivestoyouth #santacruzgives #bananaslugs #ucsantacruz