We surpassed a stretch goal with our End of Year Campaign and we are so grateful! Thanks to your generosity as well as our participation in Monterey County Gives we raised $11,864! And thanks to one sustaining donor that number will continue to rise every month.
With your bighearted support we will steward a special place on the earth including:
  • a strawberry field,
  • an exploratory garden,
  • a field of wheat,
  • an apple orchard,
  • native hedgerows,
  • 4 pygmy goats,
  • an ever evolving flock of chickens,
  • a kitchen classroom,
  • and so much more
for the empowerment and transformation of kids in our community. Together we are caring for places where kids can discover, where kids can play, be active, and test their limits. We are caring for places of empowerment.