Student Corner: Soquel PENS Fall Tours with Kim and Doug

“Dirt made my lunch, dirt made my lunch, thank you dirt, thanks a bunch for my salad, my sandwich, my milk and my munch, cause dirt, you made my lunch!”   This chorus can be heard echoing across the fire circle as Kim Woodland and her husband Doug “Dirt” Greenfield, finish up a farm tour

Student Corner: The Start of the (home)School Year

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We had our first home school group of the school year last month.  We were blown away by how many people want to be a part of our group!  As of now, we have 32 families signed up for our September-December monthly meetings! This year, we have decided to shape each meeting around a specific

Student Corner: Fall Tour Season Has Arrived!

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 Happy Fall! This past weekend we celebrated the autumn equinox, which is derived from "equal night" meaning that we experience about the same amount of daylight and night time during the spring and autumn equinox, but in the spring the days get longer and in fall the days get shorter.  Fall is my absolute favorite

Student Corner: Food What?! Summer Program!

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 The youth empowerment organization "Food What?!" brought their summer job program to Live Earth Farm. Each Friday 20 youth came to the farm and worked side by side with farmers, harvesting, planting, sorting, and weeding. This was a great way to integrate young community members into our farming family. It was mutually beneficial for both groups. The

Student Corner: Campers' Salve and Lip Balm

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Last week during Sprouts Camp, we decided to try out a project that was a little different than our usual arts and crafts. Earlier in the year, Food What?! made salve from herbs collected around the farm. We decided that this would be a great project for the little ones and their parents. We made

Student Corner: Art on the Farm Camp Session 1 In Pictures


Student Corner: Meet Our New Intern, Julian!

My name is Julian Ensworth and I am the new intern for Live Earth Farm’s Discovery Program. I was born and currently live in San Diego, CA. My family has always been very active in the great outdoors. As a baby my parents carried me through hikes in Big Sur. When I got a little

Student Corner: Spring Field Studies!

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 The focus of Wavecrest's Field Studies in spring is "production and reproduction".  This means we have been spending a lot of time snuggling baby goats and learning about pollination. This rotation, we decided to focus specifically on flowers and insects on the farm and in the garden.  We have learned about the "three P's" (pollinators,

Student Corner: Wavecrest

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The Farmer work all day we plow the fields mow the crops sleep all night work all day we feed the cows clean the stalls sleep all night the farmer the farmer is strong the farmer is healthy the farmer is us ~Nate Saxton Food Grilled-cheese mayhem. As I bite into the crunchy texture of

Student Corner: Homeschool Program

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The homeschool group came out to the farm at the end of January and we learned all about seeds! First, we did a quick review about the six plant parts (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruit)! Then, we talked about how important seeds are in the plant life cycle, how seeds travel and how