A Heartfelt Thank you to Grace

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This week we are wishing the best to Grace as she moves on. Grace is from the area, so we won't lose her entirely. Grace has spent a little over a year and a half pouring her heart into running all of the education programs at Live Earth Farm, which means almost all of you

The Year in Review: 2013

Jessica, Grace, Peter, Constance, Thomas, our committed volunteers and the whole board of the Live Earth Farm Discovery Program would like to thank you, our community, for all of the amazing support you have given us over the course of this past year.  We have incredible accomplishments to report. Through our variety of hands-on educational

Notes from the Field Classroom: Tis the season to hibernate…

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When I am leading a farm tour and start talking about the seasons on the farm, I always tell the kids, "spring is for planting, summer is for growing, fall is for harvesting, and winter is for sleeping". Obviously this is a very simplified version of the seasons on the farm, and  all of those

Announcing the Harvest Festival 2013 Pie Contest Winners!

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Winner of Best Apple Pie, Lydia Espinosa We had a great Pie Contest at this year's Harvest Festival. Our panel of judges was made up of 5 lucky raffle winners, who got to taste a dozen different pies. The most competitive category this year, with seven pies contending, was Best Apple Pie. This

Notes from the Field Classroom: Apple Season

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 This is an incredibly beautiful month on the farm and in the fields. The weather is cool and crisp--just like a good apple! The mighty apple is a very important cash crop in our area with a long history. Apples are extremely versatile and can be eaten fresh off the tree, baked into countless varieties of

The Success of Slice!

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We are so grateful to EVERYONE who contributed to making Slice, our dinner in the orchard, a success. It is only thanks to everyone’s contributions that we are able to make the cash contributions go so far. So thank you sponsors, auction donors, guests, growers, wine makers, artisans, chefs, student decorators, center piece makers, photographers,

Notes from the Field Classroom: Summer Visitors and Work in the Garden

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As camp season came to a close, the Discovery Program realized just how fast the summer is passing and how close we are to fall tour season! In between the hustle and bustle of camps and tours, we have had a couple weeks to take inventory, take a breath and take some much needed vacation

Discover This: Notes from the Field Classroom…Summer Camps!

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We are now in the full swing of summer camps at Live Earth Farm!  As our third session comes to a close, we are preparing for our fourth and final week of camp.  This will be our second session of Art on the Farm Camp, following our first ever summer presenting Young Farmers and Sprouts

Notes from the Classroom, Field, Classroom…Farm Camps

This week kicks off the first of four weeks of summer camps at Live Earth Farm!  We have added two new camps to our lineup this summer.  In addition to our two sessions of Art on the Farm Camp, we will be running a Young Farmers Camp and a Sprouts Camp! I am so excited

Notes from the Field Classroom: Spring Tour Season

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As spring spreads it's wings and embraces our beautiful valley I begin to realize how short this season really is on the farm.  The bursts of flowers on different fruit trees, the cycles of different bird calls, new growth on plants, and the momentous buzzing of bees turns the valley into a virtual soap opera